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Community Support
Ester (our dog)

The Palms continues to search out ways to contribute and complement what is already a paradise on earth.  The Palms supports Rescatame (rescue me), an organization dedicated to improving the health of the dog population around the island. Esther was one of those rescues.  In July we were please to host Dr. Astrid from Germany who worked tirelessly for five days to help and improve the health of over 50 dogs during her stay at The Palms. One was a blind dog who now has a home on the beach!

View More Photos of Esther and other Events assisted by The Palms Villa

Maggie Today
Maggie's Story - An Amazing Rescue

In addition, we have adopted the Marine station, located one block from the villa and recently put in a new water well and installed new doors and windows for their station here on Uvero Alto beach.  While staying at the villa, we invite you to bring extra school supplies and items for both the local school and boys orphanage where close to 32 boys, ranging from ages two to sixteen years of age live.  Both of these places welcome visitors from The Palms and are appreciative of your time and any items donated donated.

Eco Friendly

The Palms is committed to caring for the gift we have been given.  With an eye towards conservation, The Palms runs partially on Solar power with the goal of going 100% Solar with back up electricity only.

The Palms made the decision to reduce as many plastic bottles and containers as possible, so we provide spa dispensers in all the baths of the main villa filled with aromatic and natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners, compliments of The Palms.  Handcrafted wooden racks are placed on all terraces to hang towels for air and sun drying.  House keeping services are performed daily.  Because we are on the sea, a gentle breeze blows continually so many of our guests enjoy the windows and doors open with the breeze and sound of the sea. All suites have individually temperature controlled air conditoners.

Leukemia Society

Congrats to our winner Lois!

The Palms Punta Cana Villa was proud to donate the Villa in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society annual gala held in Greenwich Connecticut on May 2, 2015 in support of Erika as Woman of the Year. We are thrilled that she won this award for 2015 and that the Villa brought in the biggest donation for LLS at $11,000.00!  Again in June 2016 the Palms Villa raised another $11,000 for LLS.

It is an honor to be associated with such a dedicated group of people who diligently continue to search for a cure!
Leukemia and Lymphoma Sociaty Man and Woman of the Year Logo